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  • Guardian leader

    The guardian devoted a leader to current situation with charities. The Guardian devoted a full length leader (on 27 December 2022) to the current situation with charities in the UK: Like the communities it serves, the voluntary sector is in need of repair. Although it is welcome to see the affairs of the sector get…

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  • Captain Tom

    One of the stand out stories of the Covid period and lockdown was Captain Tom’s walk which ended up raising something like £38m. It inspired the nation and was an example, par excellence, of someone doing a small selfless act which had enormous and beneficial results. Sadly, the Charity Commission has launched an enquiry on…

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  • Is the Charity Commission fit for purpose?

    This is a question which has rattled around for a decade or so and has widespread implications for how charities are run. It was asked by the Public Accounts Committee in 2014 following some well known scandals or what were thought to be scandals namely Oxfam in Haiti and the Kids Company. Since that time,…

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  • Kids Company

    Charity Commission report on the problems at Kids Company Seven years ago, the collapse of Kids Company was headline news with even government ministers in the frame for carelessly giving them money. The general picture painted in the media was of incompetence. A report has now been published by the Charity Commission which has painted…

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