Help for not for profit and charity trustees

Category: Strategy

  • The agenda

    the agenda for meetings is all important When I used to work in a civil service environment, I remember being surprised at how much time and effort was expended on planning for meetings. What was on the agenda – and what was to be left off – the order of the items and anxiety at…

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  • Failure and governance

    Is there an obsession with failing charities and the need for governance? Many years ago, when I was involved in small firms’ advice work, the common saying was ‘three out of five small firms fail in the first three years’. This quotation was widely repeated and appeared frequently in articles or speeches whenever small firms…

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  • Never mind the quality, feel the width

    Many people are impressed by size and quantity. We enter a shop or showroom and are immediately impressed by the range and volume of stock on sale. Racks and racks of clothes in a store offer us choice or at least the illusion of choice. How many medals a sportsman or woman has won also…

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  • Strategy

    Thinking about strategy is for some, difficult. The need to think in general terms, to imagine the future and to understand and analyse the past, is not it seems given to everyone. For charity boards this can be a problem since it is one of the key functions a board has to do. I was…

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