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Charities combine to protest

a range of charities come together to protest at government proposals

All well and fine you might think. But wait: these are charities like RSPB, wildlife trusts, and the National Trust who have come together to protest at changes to planning laws and proposals for freeports which will hit the countryside and wildlife. They are reported to be mobilising their millions of supporters to protest at government’s proposed changes. Nothing wrong with that you might say and these issues are important and government proposals will hit wildlife and the natural world hard. Indeed, our local national park, the New Forest in Hampshire will become part of the Southampton freeport a fact local people do not seem to have woken up to yet.

They are protesting at the proposed removal of hundreds of EU regulations, the resumption of fracking and ending of farming subsidies designed to enhance nature.

The question is though where are the protests from charities involved with people? Where are the charities involved in homelessness, poverty, drug addiction and other aspects of our society? Why aren’t they combining to protest? All credit to the wildlife charities and the government will be aware that charities like RSPB and the National Trust – despite attempts by ministers to smear them with accusations of being ‘woke’ – enjoy huge support among the sort of middle-class people who vote Conservative.

Wildlife issues are important and the charities are right to protest and mobilise their members. But the absence of charities who are involved with people and their very real difficulties is telling.

Peter Curbishley

Author of ‘How to be a Successful Trustee

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