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Charity wreaks havoc on economy

A major charity causes immense harm to the british economy

The charity, number 1139086, has been responsible for major harm to the British economy causing stress to millions of people. It has been responsible for the fall in the value of the pound. That a charity should do this is amazing. The purposes of a charity are supposed to be benign. Certainly, people who donate or work for them believe this intrinsically and is a major reason for their involvement or donation.

So what is this charity? It is none other than the school of Eton ex pupils of which occupy so many of our senior positions in our society. Prime ministers such as Boris Johnson, the present Chancellor Kwasi Kwarteng, Jacob Rees-Mogg and many others are all old Etonians. It is not only politics where OEs lurk and do so much damage, they are in the media, effortlessly able to promote the privilege and arrogance which so characterises their kind. The Dimblebys, and Nick Robinson are examples of people who are unlikely to have made it to such senior positions had it not been for the connections and advantages bestowed upon them from this school.

They are all lucky however that the majority of people seem unaware that Eton is in fact supposedly a charity. Those that do, don’t seem to connect them to their local charity struggling by on meagre contributions and actually doing some good in their community. Since it is so obviously a school requiring massive fees to enter apart from a handful of scholarships, how on earth can it be a charity anyway? If it applied for charitable status today, would it actually get it?

Because so many media folk, senior civil servants and politicians are alumni of this and the other elite public schools, no serious questions are asked about how the privileged are able to perpetuate their privilege by educating their children there. No questions are asked as to why it still receives charitable status. There seems no general realisation that the recent dropping of the 45% tax rate (abandoned today it seems), of benefit to the already wealthy which would include yet more OEs, is a product of a chancellor tutored in this exclusive school. A combination of arrogance, detachment and a deadly belief that they are born to rule, is the root cause of so many of our bad decisions.

A succession of disastrous prime ministers, most recently David Cameron and Boris Johnson, does not seem to have warned people the dangers of employing ex-pupils of this school to high office.

At the very least they should have their charitable status withdrawn. Perhaps there should be a ban on OEs being made MPs or senior civil servants for a decade. Maybe the Charity Commission could take a look at this … oh hang on, the new chair is a Conservative and educated not at Eton but the elite £40,000 a year Ampleforth College…

UPDATE: 15 October. Kwasi Kwarteng sacked as Chancellor yesterday (14th).

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