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What have Charities ever done for us

This is the title of a book by Stephen Cook and Tania Mason published by Policy Press in 2021. Let me say straight off that it is a recommended read for anyone interested in the charity and not for profit world covering a wide range of topics about the sector. Being recently published it is up to date with the various issues to have hit the sector and discusses the political climate particularly issues to do with campaigning.

It makes the point for example that many of the reforms which have taken place over the past two hundred years or so, were often started by a charity, ending slavery for one and votes for women another. Many charities were deeply involved in education hence our so-called ‘public’ schools still keep their charitable privileges despite being anything but a charity today. The desire by the present government to control this campaigning with legislation introduced to make it more risky is discussed. The risks some charities have in getting taking money from government and compromising their independence and ability to speak truth to power is also a feature.

They are not too enamoured with the Charity Commission either which is much too keen on its policing role and less on supporting and helping the sector.

I was pleased to see they echo some of the things I express in my own book about this being an important sector but which does not get the support and recognition it deserves. A good read.

Peter Curbishley

Author of How to be a Successful Trustee

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