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  • How much information?

    the issue of how much information trustees need often leads to problems Everyone can agree that information is vital for anyone in a management position in an organisation and that applies to trustees and directors of not for profits. The question is: how much do they need? And that is where the problem arises. In […]

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  • Beware Greeks bearing gifts

    charities have to be a little careful when dealing with members of parliament My Twitter pages and emails lit up a few days ago when our local MP said what a pleasure it was to meet some representatives of the local foodbank. It drew responses along the lines that he should be ashamed not delighted. […]

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  • The agenda

    the agenda for meetings is all important When I used to work in a civil service environment, I remember being surprised at how much time and effort was expended on planning for meetings. What was on the agenda – and what was to be left off – the order of the items and anxiety at […]

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