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  • Fundraising: II

    In my last post I discussed issues concerning funding applications and provided some suggestions which I hope would help. In this post I want to discuss the actual business of writing a bid which has its own problems and can be quite tricky. Larger charities and not for profits can often afford to buy in […]

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  • Fundraising

    some of the problems with this vexed subject, part 1 If there is one topic that comes at the top of the list of small charity’s concerns it’s fundraising. When I wrote my book, I stayed away from the subject as I thought there was plenty of advice around already: I now think that was […]

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  • Information security

    A lot is written about data security and its related issue, GDPR. The latter is about protecting the information of those who interact with your charity and making sure their information is secure. Generally the advice is about backing up systems and related security matters. An issue which does not get so much attention which […]

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