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Stonehenge, near Salisbury. Photo, the author
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  • Are they really volunteers?

    I suspect that many charities have a list of volunteers and are grateful for the time they put in for them. There are many who devote considerable time to such activity and apart from the occasional ‘thank you’ the only reward is the feeling of helping others or the environment by their input. But all…

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  • Volunteer day

    people are being invited to volunteer for a day There has been a somewhat limp campaign to encourage people to volunteer for a day in connection with the Coronation of King Charles III – the ‘big help out’. On the one hand it seems to be for a day but others seem to interpret it…

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  • CBI: a lesson

    A wide range of allegations at the cbi has lessons for all organisations The CBI – the Confederation of British Industry – has been riven by a wide range of extremely damaging allegations. The Chief Executive has gone, scores of its members have withdrawn their memberships and the government no longer wants to listen to…

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